Mahishasura Mardini Stotram

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Mahishasura Mardini Stotram : Aigiri Nandini Nandita Medini - in sanskrit

Mahishasura Mardini Stotram lyric available in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and English
Added Durga mata images and can be set as wallpaper.

Once's you install the application it will download song from server only one time. Then you can listen without internet.

Mahishasurmardini Jai mata Di this stotra is very powerful I chant for worship of maa shakti

Although the Great Goddess Durga is honored elsewhere in these pages, Her most celebrated role -- as Mahishasura Mardini, the Slayer of Mahisha, the Buffalo Demon -- is so central to the Shakta religion that it merits separate consideration.

Her basic myth is simple, as the greatest stories tend to be: Mahisha, a great demon (asura), has undertaken extraordinary austerities, and thereby accrued such vast power that even the Gods can no longer defeat him. In successive battles, they lose the three worlds to Mahisha's superior might -- and the Cosmic Order in thrown into disarray.

Clearly, a hero and savior is needed -- but who can defeat an enemy that is mightier than the Gods? Answer: The Power (Shakti) that created both the Gods and the enemy in the first place. In order to access that Power, the Gods must reverse the downward unfolding of Divine manifestation, i.e. the cosmic tattvas. (Not coincidentally, this is also the goal of any sadhana undertaken by a human devotee. To help understand the lesson offered here, think of Mahisha as the individual human ego.)

Accordingly, all the Gods simultaneously offer Their own individual powers back to their common Source. And as They do so, They behold an extraordinary sight, as the Source begins to materialize before their eyes:

An exceedingly fiery mass like a flaming mountain
Did the Gods see, filling the firmament with flames.
That peerless splendor, born from the bodies of all the Gods,
Unifying and pervading the triple world with its lustre, became a Woman.

Jai Mata di

1. MA Durga - The Daughter of the Mountain and Joy of the World
2. MA Durga - Destroys the Danavas and the Daityas and Nourishes the Three Worlds
3. MA Durga - Destroyer of the Demons Madhu and Kaitabha
4. MA Durga - Destroyer of the Demons Chanda and Munda
5. MA Durga - Made Lord Shiva the Messenger against Shumbha and Nisumbha
6. MA Durga - Pardons the Enemy Heroes when their Wives take Refuge
7. MA Durga - Destroyer of the Demons Dhumralocana, Raktabija and Shumbha Nishumbha
8. MA Durga - Destroys the Chaturanga of the Enemy
9. MA Durga - Whose Battle expresses as Celestial Dance
10. MA Durga - Occupies Half of the Body of Lord Shiva
11. MA Durga - Union of Beautiful Mind and Charming Appearance
12. MA Durga - Accompanied by Army of Jasmine-Like Girls against excellent Fighters
13. MA Durga - From Whom Emerges all Arts, Beauty and Power
14. MA Durga - Whose Forehead is Stainless and Pure like a Lotus Petal
15. MA Durga - Whose Voice is Sweeter than Flute and Cuckoo
16. MA Durga - On Whose Radiant Toe-Nails Prostate the Devas and the Asuras
17. MA Durga - Who is Pleased with Devotional Contemplation of both: like Suratha as well as Samadhi
18. MA Durga - An Abode of Devi MahalakShmi
19. MA Durga - An Abode of Devi Mahasaraswati
20. MA Durga - Whose Pure Moon-Like Face Subdues our Impurities
21. MA Durga - Who Shower Grace on Devotees in the same manner as Arrows on Enemies
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Nov 1, 2016

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