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Review from Andrew Schneider
Great app I have this app on all my devices and love the look and ability to configure almost all parts of it. However, on my Nexus 7 it causes a reboot every time it updates! So three times in the last few days. So, three stars until that is fixed.


What's New
3.10.1 - 3.10.2
- Location bug fixes
- Google Play Services location battery saver setting
- Desk mode switch is back
- Various minor bug fixes
- Switch responsiveness improvements
- Localization update
- Bug fixes
3.9 - 3.9.5
- Localization
- Fixes for CPU spikes
- android 2.3 & up
- more switches
- new 6x1 switch row
- Beta list (in Settings)
- ready for Colourform!


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