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The SOLLINER app from Green Deram Boats shipyard and Vindros official dealer allows You to visualize and configure Your perfect SOLLINER boat and share it or order one! SOLLINER boat is hi-tech 100% solar powered catamaran, eco friendly and silent dream boat.

Each of SOLLINER boat has a personality of its own, yet all share the same powerful presence and unmistakable characteristics. You can create Your SOLLINER boat that is as unique as a fingerprint – from the smallest detail to the boldest statement.

Features of the SOLLINER app:

- Interactive 360 degree exterior and interior 3D Virtual Reality view, ideal for cardboard gear,

- Choose from many colours from SOLLINER palette, including: deck, steering wheel, upholstery,

- Configure Your equipment in real time,

- Send e-mail with Your specification for pricing ,

And many more…

Try it, create it and be the part of SOLLINER family.
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