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Little adventurer climber, are you ready? Go through the jungles and rainforests in the world of Baby Panda!

Panda is a cute animal with an adventurous soul to overcome challenges, has the ability to stick to objects and walls, getting over it and jump between platforms.

Discover a new game in the Stickying Over It With style and hammer man over the pot style, getting over with challenging but fun levels at the same time.

Our cute panda friend will be able to climb mountains, stick to walls in a fun way, fly through the skies and jump over obstacles.
Each level is more fun than the last, making panda find new ways to play in an entertaining way.

Getting our friend Panda climber will start with the journey of overcoming challenges and different levels, but you will be able to unlock new characters
as well as different fun outfits.

Panda sticks with the help of honey that you will find through the different levels.

If you find a puddle of honey, use it to getting over panda stick with it to walls, objects, and moving platforms.

Dragon jungle is your tool, use it wisely.

If you find a puddle of water, use it to help panda wash off the stickiness, reach new heights, or roll through the levels in a fun way.

Our panda bear will go through goals, checkpoints, and different obstacles such as bamboos, rocks, thorns, platforms and other fun objects.

The panda game contains different difficulties for people with many challenges in mind.

Don't let the sweetness of our panda bear fool you, the panda game is challenging as you advance levels, therefore you need climbing,
rolling and sticking skills to overcome the panda game.

It is a game of anger and skill, overcoming and hitting you over obstacles.

Different surprises and treasures await you in our panda game, unlockable outfits as you progress through the levels.
Stick to the walls with style stick with it to objects

-Cute and round new characters.
-Within the panda game, acquire fun outfits for each character and share it with your friends.
-Fun way to find green bamboo coins to use new outfits.
-Find golden bamboo coins for better prizes as new and cute animal characters.
-Share with your friends the different achievements and characters in your social networks.
-Entering codes to acquire new weekly prizes.
-While you are climbing and overcoming puzzle levels, you will see the change between day and night.
- Play with popular TalentoGamer cute animal characters and create your own gang adventure.
- Explore and discover more than 10 fun levels to explore, overcoming mills, rocks, bamboos, canyons, mobile platforms, simulating climbing at its highest level in the baby panda game world.
- New content, levels and fun costumes available every week.

The panda game is a colorful game with hours of fun.

Download our panda game app and give it a try.

About Talento Gamer / Sticky Panda: —————
At Talento Gamer, we are dedicated to stimulating the creativity, fun, imagination and curiosity of those adults with the soul of children, to help them explore video games in a fun way.

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6 de julio de 2021
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