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Hot rhythms from Brazil, country music from the USA or oriental sounds from Morocco - a web radio you listen to music from around the world. Several thousand broadcasting stations on every continent broadcast their programs not only locally via VHF from, but transferred it to the World Wide Web - the Internet. Was the reception so far only with the computer, it works now also much easier with an Internet radio.

The quality of Internet radio programs ranging from better phone quality to about FM sound. From a data rate of 128 kilobits per second, the sound quality is fine. To the web sites of the radio stations, in which the favorites lists are created, the data rate is always indicated by the way. Even radio and good quality give the mono speaker of most devices tested again only dissatisfied. Devices with audio output can be connected to a stereo system or an AV receiver via RCA or minijack. The resulting stereo sound with better quality.

If you want more Internet radio stations simultaneously and use the same router, you should make sure that your terminal supports a minimum bandwidth of 128 kb / s. Typically 7-112 radio stations can be received simultaneously. There is not enough bandwidth, there may be restrictions on the use of other Internet-specific applications. The speed surfing with your own computer can therefore suffer. If you want to use more than 112 radio stations at the same time on the bandwidth on multicast streaming or special streaming server should be used. Free streaming server for example, Icecast or Shoutcast.

The term Internet radio and wireless radio is often used substitionell. That's not quite correct. Internet radio is, strictly speaking, the generic term for wireless radio. "WLAN" in the term WLAN Radio describes the type of access to the router through which the music is received. Internet Radio can be received (with connection cable) via WLAN and LAN.

Internet radio works basically like any other (terrestrial) radio stations also. Each radio station has transmitted somehow to make it even arrives at the listener its signal. When VHF (very high frequency) radio
represented, this is done easier, usually only once via the transmitter and the antenna. The situation is similar in shortwave (KW) or medium wave (MW) .For the new techniques such as DVB-T or DAB +, the signal continues to be emitted by the transmitter and antenna, the only difference to
FM, KW or MW is that DVB-T or DAB, a digital data stream (stream) of bits and bytes is transmitted. However, it is possible through the networking that some channels can be received in Germany without having to go try the channel scan
müsste.Der listener requires only a suitable radio receiver, at least for FM are so ubiquitous today in all shapes, colors and flavors. Whether as a kitchen radio, in the hi-fi system, in the car or as an additional feature in the phone or radio Smartphone.Beim

is the station from an encoder on a PC in the studio and the transmitter antenna is a streaming server in a large data center.

Comparable with DVB-T or DAB transmits an Internet Radio also a digital data stream, called Stream.Um Internet Radio also receive one needs a corresponding terminal to receive the signal can. PC
or notebook falls a since probably the first one, but it does not necessarily have to be a computer. Every smartphone, any tablet PC, many smart TVs are receiving now capable radio. There soga
special IP radios, also known as Wi-Fi radios. The can be either connected to the hi-fi system or completely independently, for example, can be operated as a kitchen radio. Such
Devices are now also
to have for little money ...
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Aug 16, 2021

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