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O tej aplikaciji

The AirTies Wi-Fi app allows you to easily setup and manage your AirTies Mesh Nodes [extender units]. The app lets you control your network, display a network map, see the devices that are connected and make configuration changes.

AirTies App is designed to work with “AirTies Home Wi-Fi Solution Kit” packs, it does not support legacy AirTies devices like Modem, Router and Repeaters. Supported devices: Air 4920, Air 4930, Air 4830.

App features:
• Guided installation in minutes
• Configure your network SSID and password
• Display Network Map and link quality
• Show all connected wireless clients
• Setup a guest network
• Energy Saver Mode
• Parental Controls
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19. feb. 2019

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706 mnenj
Andrej Kralj
2. julij 2020
You need patience setting it up. Never rush. After 4 months only one of 5 nodes was working. Needed to reset it all. But at end I got it working and it is very stable. Mix of 4920 and 4930.

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Color coding indicator for signal strength of AirTies Mesh Nodes with pop-up notification for weak nodes.
Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish language support.
Other bug fixes and minor UI improvements.