Aldiko Book Reader
Where are the improvements? The latest update disappoints me. On both my Nexus 7 and my Galaxy Nexus, the update removed Aldiko from my home screen and the app drawer itself, requiring a reinstall to fix. Upon reinstalling, my Nexus 7 no longer had my library. Further, the purported changes "for the Nexus 7" are invisible to me. There is still lag/unresponsiveness with turning pages - I noticed this the first time I installed Aldiko on the Nexus 7. I have used Aldiko for years, and I hope performance will be addressed soon.


What's New
-Fixed book covers are not shown in widget issue for Android devices running on 4.4
-Fixed library crashing issue
-Fixed catalog crashing issue
-Added additional localizations: Polish, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Portuguese


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