Terapia prin meditatie

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Despre aplicație

This free application, with guided meditations, aims to teach you a simple and efficient system of practicing therapeutic meditation procedures.

They can be a reliable help in restoring physical and emotional balance in the body.

The application does not require any prior experience in meditation and contains a special chapter with detailed instructions on techniques.

You can read more about meditation in my book "Therapy through meditation" or on my personal site: www.stefan-pusca.ro.

Through meditation procedures we mean techniques of:

- deep relaxation, which can be done in 3-5 minutes, to lower our stress level

- modulated breathing, in certain ways, to help us restore physical and emotional balance

- mental imaging procedures and positive thinking for a good response to stress

- reaching a higher level of self-awareness so that we can live in the present and enjoy our life

The practice of these procedures usually requires 10, 20 or 30 minutes a day, depending on the level of depth we want to achieve.

Their beneficial effects can become very stable for the body if we practice daily.

People generally practice meditation for:

to learn to increase their level of calm in any situation

to reduce the level of stress, worry, fear or anger

to improve the overall balance in the body

to increase their resilience and chance of survival or to help themselves, in case of recovery after serious imbalances of the body

to have a better quality sleep

to improve their reaction to life events

to increase the level of optimism, relaxation and awareness

to increase self-esteem and self-acceptance

solve situations related to eating or smoking on an emotional background

to increase their well-being and emotional intelligence

to develop positive social connections and enhance the quality of communication with others

to have a clearer and more creative thinking

to increase their cognitive abilities and ability to concentrate

to help their memory, at any age

to purify and cleanse the subconscious of negative thoughts

to be able to learn better and to process information better

to increase productivity in work


The techniques presented in the application are easy to perform and without any side effects - if they are practiced correctly and gently towards our body. They do not, however, substitute any form of medical treatment, and can only possibly be adjuvant in physical or emotional balancing. It is always necessary to seek the opinion of the doctor or psychologist current for their execution, in the sense that they do not present risks to us. The information provided within the application does not represent medical information or related to psychological counseling and is not provided as such. People with psychiatric disorders are exempt from the procedures presented here, so the use of this application implies the statement on their own responsibility that the users do not suffer from such disorders.
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22 feb. 2020

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