Premium Chemistry Quiz App - ChemistryNotesInfo

Premium Chemistry Quiz App - ChemistryNotesInfo

This "Premium Chemistry Quiz App - Chemistry Notes Info" is developed to improve your chemistry skills. This app contain many chemistry MCQs to make you perfect in your subject. This Chemistry App contain so many chemistry topics some of them are given below-
Nuclear Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Molarity vs Molality
Molarity vs Normality
Organic Chemistry
Mathematical Concepts Used in Chemistry
What is pH ?
States of Water H2O
Chemistry In Everyday Life
Periodic Table of Elements
Chemical Reactions and Equations
what is chemical and what is chemical reaction
Chemical Reactions and Chemical Formula
Important Chemistry Polymers with their Monomer
Types of Chemical Reactions
Polymer, Polymerization and Polymer Classification...
Polymer And Polymerization
Chemical Equations
Liquid State
Behavior Of Real Gases
Kinetic Molecular Theory Of Gases
Ideal Gas Equation, Equation Of State, Density
Gaseous State, Gas Laws, Thermodynamic Scale
Types of Forces in Chemistry
What Is Spectroscopy
Atomic number, Mass number, Isobars and Isotopes
Covalent Bond and Formal Charge (F.C.)
Fire and Safety
Discovery of protons & Discovery of Neutrons
Kossel Lewis Approach to Chemical Bonding and
Periodic Trends In Physical & Chemical Properties
Mendeleev Periodic Law, Modern Periodic Law
Aufbau Principle, Pauli Exclusion Principle
Quantum Mechanical Model of Atom
Dual Behaviour of Matter and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principal
Bohr’s model for hydrogen atom and Limitation
Photo electric effect
Wave nature of electromagnetic radiations
States Of Matter
Thomson model of atom and Rutherford’s nuclear model
Atomic Theory of matter, Cathode ray discharge
Pattern for Single Paper MCQ test- NET Chemistry
Laws of chemical combinations, Dalton’s Atomic Theory
Physical State, Classification Properties of Matter
Radioactivity, Penetrating Power, Tracer techniques
Atomic Number, Mass Number, Isotopes and Isobars
Bohr Bury Scheme & Valence Electrons and Valency
Project on Barcode
Periodic Properties of the Elements
Metals, Non-Metals and Metalloids
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Elements
Aldol Reaction
Modern Periodic Law and Modern Periodic Table
Characteristics of covalent compounds
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table
Newland’s Law of Octaves and Lother Meyer Curves
How We Will Learn
Prout’s Hypothesis and Dobereiner’s Triads
SI Table & Prefixes for SI Units
Balancing of Chemical Reactions and Types of Chemical Reaction
Formation of Chemical Compound
Electrovalent Bond
Chemical Bonding
Chemical Bonding and Reactions
cGMP - Current Good Manufacturing Practices
Periodic Table of Elements
Bohr's Atomic Model
Rutherford Model of Atom
Thomson's Atomic Model
Dalton Atomic Theory
What is an atom?
what is coagulation
Atomic Structure
Discovery of Neutron
Discovery of Proton
Millikan's Oil Drop Experiment
Discovery of Electron
Baeyer Villiger Oxidation
Atomic Structure
Chemistry of Elements
Electromagnetic spectrum
Spectroscopy, Electromagnetic Radiations
What is Salt
Chemistry Project
Ultraviolet and Visible Spectroscopy
What is X rays?
Basics of Atoms and Moles
Activity series of metals in aqueous solutions
What is Organic Chemistry
Pure substances
Extraction of Essential Oil by Steam Distillation
Working with the Properties & Changes of Matter
Transition state theory or Activated complex theory
Transition Metals
What is Hyperconjugation
Explain the type of Bonding
What is Adsorption ?
Charge Transfer Transition
Spin Multiplicity Rule
Laporte Selection Rule
Bent Rule
what is molarity ?
Debye Huckel Theory
Project on Barcode
General principle and process
Surface chemistry
Chemical kinetics
Solid State
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Structure of Atom
Some Basic Concept of Chemistry
Symbol and Formula used in chemistry
Atoms and Moles
Some Notes & Terms to remember about Chemistry
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