Archos Video Player Free
Review from Andy Watkins
Slick and powerful... It's as if Archos read my mind. I wanted to try their player but didn't want to pay in case it was poor. This ad supported version is perfect for testing - and so far it's knocked my socks off!


What's New
7.5.37 - February 6th, 2014
- Fix support for Motorola G phone on Android 4.4
7.5.35 - January 19th, 2014
- Fix cover image not loaded anymore due to change of API
7.5.33 - January 16th, 2014
- Support for x86 Intel architecture (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1)
- Fix network share scanning refresh status display
- Better handle subtitle download failure
7.5.30 - January 9th, 2014
- Fix being set back to root folder after entering credentials for network share
- Fix various crashes


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