Smithsonian VisitorGuide/Tours
Review from Steve Wardell
Very slow and bloated, but can be handy This app is around a 22MB. Now given that it's for the whole Smithsonian, I don't have an issue with the download size itself. However, the app is VERY slow to load and navigate. The zoo maps are several months outdated talking about future exhibits in Fall 2012. Also, the outdoor zoo map should integrate GPS location. The virtual postcards are a nice touch. The app also crashes occasionally. This app could have benefit but it needs some work. Also it feels pretty static.


What's New
• We've gone free!
• Free access to our specialty tour of the season, beginning with our latest new Presidents Tour
• Get a free interactive postcard - Snap and share pics of your friends wearing George Washington’s uniform
• Get free “know-before-go” Inauguration Information
• Like what you see? Our in-app purchase unlocks a full suite of custom-made tours & access to interactive postcards.


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