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Convert between units of acceleration, angle(1), area(2), data(3), density, dynamic viscosity, electric car energy economy(4), energy(5), force(6), frequency, fuel consumption or economy(7), kinematic viscosity, length or distance(8), linear density, (binary, decimal, hexadecimal and octal) numbers, power(9), pressure, radiation absorbed dose, radioactivity, speed(10), surface density, temperature(11), time(12), torque, volume and weight (mass) measurements. In addition, convert between 168 world currencies and precious metals.

(1) Angle: arc-minute, arc-second, degree, gradian, microarc-second, milliarc-second, radian, revolution, sextant and sign.

(2) Area: acre, are, hectare, square angstrom, square astronomical unit, square centimeter, square chain, square decimeter, square dekameter, square fathom, square foot, square furlong, square hectometer, square inch, square kilometer, square light year, square meter, square microinch, square micrometer, square micron, square mil, square mile, square millimeter, square nanometer, square nautical mile, square parsec, square picometer, square thou and square yard.

(3) Data: bit, Byte, Exabyte, Gigabit, Gigabyte, Kilobit, Kilobyte, Megabit, Megabyte, Petabyte and Terabyte.

(4) Electric car energy consumption or economy: kilometer per kilowatt hour, kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers, kilowatt hour per 100 miles, kilowatt hour per kilometer, kilowatt hour per mile, mile per kilowatt hour and mile per gallon gasoline equivalent.

(5) Energy: british thermal unit, calorie, foot-pound, gigacalorie, gigajoule, gigawatt hour, joule, kilocalorie, kilojoule, kilowatt hour, megacalorie, megajoule, megawatt hour, microjoule, millicalorie, millijoule, nanojoule, picojoule, terajoule and watt hour.

(6) Force: attonewton, centinewton, decinewton, dekanewton, dyne, exanewton, femtonewton, giganewton, gram-force, hectonewton, kilogram-force, kilonewton, meganewton, micronewton, millinewton, nanonewton, newton, petanewton, piconewton, pound-force, poundal, teranewton, yoctonewton, yottanewton, zeptonewton and zettanewton.

(7) Fuel consumption or economy: kilometer per gallon, kilometer per imperial gallon, kilometer per liter, liter per 100 kilometers, mile per gallon, mile per imperial gallon and mile per liter.

(8) Length or distance: angstrom, astronomical unit, attometer, centimeter, chain, decimeter, dekameter, Exameter, fathom, femtometer, fermi, foot, furlong, Gigameter, hectometer, inch, kilometer, light year, Megameter, meter, microinch, micrometer, micron, mil, mile, millimeter, nanometer, nautical mile, parsec, Petameter, picometer, Terameter, thou, yard, yoctometer, Yottameter, zeptometer and Zettameter.

(9) Power: boiler horsepower, centiwatt, deciwatt, dekawatt, gigawatt, hectowatt, horsepower, kilowatt, megawatt, microwatt, milliwatt, nanowatt, petawatt, picowatt, terawatt and watt. Additional power units are derived as the following energy units per hour, minute and second: british thermal unit, calorie, foot-pound, gigajoule, joule, kilocalorie, kilojoule, megajoule, microjoule, millijoule, nanojoule, picojoule and terajoule.

(10) Speed or velocity (scalar): centimeter per hour, centimeter per minute, centimeter per second, foot per hour, foot per minute, foot per second, kilometer per hour, kilometer per minute, kilometer per second, knot, meter per hour, meter per minute, meter per second, mile per hour, mile per minute, mile per second, minute per kilometer, minute per mile, nautical mile per hour, nautical mile per minute and nautical mile per second.

(11) Temperature: degree of Celsius, degree of Fahrenheit, Kelvin, degree of Rankine and degree of Romer.

(12) Time: century, day, decade, femtosecond, hour, microsecond, millenium, milliseconds, minutes, months, nanosecond, picosecond, second, week and year.
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