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Chorus is built on the idea that good music is meant to be shared, and that the louder the song; the greater the fun. Sync music across both Android devices and iPhones. Act as either the host or the speaker, and enjoy music the way it’s supposed to be – in Stereo! Still hesitant? Here’s why you need to download Chorus, pronto:

NO HIDDEN COSTS: Chorus is totally free, and always will be.

NO ADS: We at Chorus firmly believe that ads hamper the user experience, so the app is totally bereft of ads.

NO DATA CHARGES: Connect your devices using either a mobile hotspot or a Wi-Fi network. Either way, Chorus never robs you of your precious mobile data.

UNLIMITED DEVICE SUPPORT: Ever had a friend tell you that your device just isn’t ‘loud enough’? Connect as many devices to the network as you want, so that you never have to strain your ears again.

UNLIMITED PLAYBACK TIME: Add either a single song or an entire PlayList; Chorus lets you have both a quick listen and a long session!

INTUITIVE INTERFACE: Get things done faster with our simple yet gorgeous interface.

GAPLESS PLAYBACK WITH REPEAT AND SHUFFLE: In love with a song? Repeat it forever using Repeat! Hate alphabetical playback? Turn on Shuffle, sit back and get pleasantly surprised with each track. You’ll always get the premium playback experience with Chorus.

SUPPORTS ANDROID 4+ AND iOS 7+: Chorus supports all devices running Android 4+, which constitute 90%+ of the total Android devices in the market. Add that to our iOS support, and you have a truly universal app!

SUPPORTS AUTOMATIC AND MANUAL SYNC: Sync manually, or let Chorus handle it for you. Either way, the music will always be in Chorus.
Got any ideas, suggestions or other feedback? We’re always excited to hear from you.
Contact us at

Also avaiable on iTunes Store:
11 трав. 2015 р.

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2,52 тис. відгуки

Що нового

Version 2.1

★ Bug fixes and performance improvements
★ Sync improvements

Version 2.0 includes a complete overhaul of the app. Built right from scratch, Chorus 2.0 offers you a fast, smooth and intuitive experience like never before! Important changes include:

★ New theme ‘materialized’
★ Sync optimized
★ Added manual sync
★ New server search option
★ Added FAQ section
★ Miscellaneous bug fixes