フットサルボーイズ!!!!! ハイファイリーグ

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About this game

Unfortunately, this application will be discontinued on July 28, 2022.
* Purchased app currency can be used until the end of the service.
* Operation is not guaranteed when the service ends.
* The above dates and times are subject to change without notice.


Both joy and regret--
A serious men's support project that bets everything on this "moment"!

Bandai Namco Arts, Bandai Namco Entertainment, Diomedéa,
Large-scale media mix project by animation x app game x futsal match event
"Futsal Boys !!!!!" is now available as a smartphone app!

It has been more than ten years since futsal became a global boom.
With the birth of numerous star players, futsal has become a popular sport in Japan.
The futsal clubs of five schools, Adalbert Academy, Momomi High School, Amanogawa Academy, and Ohanayama Academy, led by Hengyo Gakuen, to which the main character Yamato Haru belongs, are pursuing their dreams with all their might, aiming for the top of the country.
The appearance of the players who grow up aiming for victory while sometimes colliding with each other is drawn for each team through the school story of each of the five schools.

▼ WHAT'S "Hi-Fi League"?
Apart from club activities, the high school futsal league "Hi-Fi League" is held where high school students from all over Japan gather.
Players become managers of the Hi-Fi League, crossing school boundaries,
Support and train players who belong to the league.
Lead them to victory and aim for the top of the league, "High-Five Stars"!

▼ Team introduction
・ Hengyang Gakuen
"I have a dream (goal) that I want to grab with this companion! 』\
One day, Haru Yamato saw the U-18 World Cup match and was fascinated by the overwhelming play of Tennoji Kokusei.
Yamato came to Japan from the United States with a longing for Tennoji.
The challenge to futsal begins with the friends I met at Hengyang Gakuen!

・ Adalbert Academy
"There is pride as a strong man, and an obsession with the throne--"
Powerhouse Adalbert Academy Futsal Club.
Captain Rui Karaki has a strong feeling of "Overthrowing Emperor Hanayama".
That is the long-cherished desire of the futsal club of successive Adalbert Academy.
Kashiyoshi, who inherited it, is enthusiastic that this team, which he leads, will defeat Emperor Hanayama and become the best in Japan.
The whereabouts of that feeling are ...

・ Momomi High School
"Club activities and games are all fun with friends ☆"
Momomi High School Futsal Club was newly born around Mori Nozomi.
"I heard that playing futsal is popular," and "I think it would be fun if I could do it with these mens."
A group of 4 third graders who gathered for such a loose reason and 5 first graders who want to do club activities seriously.
I don't have common sense, the beginner team is a little strange, but it seems to be fun ♪ What will happen to the club activities ...?

・ Amanogawa Gakuen
"You don't have to get used to victory. Only my strength is proof of a strong man. 』\
At Amanogawa Gakuen, where students who want to shine in the entertainment world gather, a futsal club will be established to promote the school.
The six people gathered by the principal decided to play futsal while being puzzled by the sudden thing.
Is the reason they play futsal for the team or for themselves?
Each feeling begins to move to the heart.

・ Emperor Hanayama Gakuen
"What is the secret inside of those who sit on the throne?"
The Emperor Hanayama Gakuen, which is governed by Ao Asahina and Kokusei Tennoji, is an undefeated king who reigns in the high school futsal world.
However, there is no pride or dust, and he is practicing hard every day.
In particular, Tennoji is devoted to making the childhood friend Asahina's team, Ohanayama, a "king".
At that time, Tennoji found a new "piece" of an excellent team.

▼ Game overview
Manage the players who run toward their dreams!
Meet unique players and form an original team!
Let's train players aiming for the top of the Hi-Fi League!

▼ Story
A large-volume scenario where 29 players from 5 schools can watch the story of pursuing their dreams!
・ School story: A large-volume scenario that depicts the futsal clubs of each of the five schools aiming for victory by pointing the camera at each team!
・ Cross story: The hot bonds and relationships between 29 players are drawn!
・ Player story: You can enjoy the world view based on the card theme and get to know the players more deeply!

▼ Match
Let's challenge the "match" of the Hi-Fi League with the trained players! As their manager, hit the megaphone to the cheering song and "cheer"!
Players activate the deciding technique with your hot support!

▼ Practice
Manage and support the growth of cute players!
If you practice and play games and deepen your ties with the players, you will get a deeper understanding of the players, such as the "player story".
A "cross story" where you can get a glimpse of the one-on-one hot bond of 29 players born beyond the boundaries of school
You can see!

・ Original: Mao Kurata
・ Character design draft:
Hengyang Gakuen: Mizuki Kawashita
Adalbert Academy: Utako Yukihiro
Momomi High School: Tanaka Marumero
Amanogawa Gakuen: Jungu Ruka, Satan, Shirano
Emperor Hanayama Gakuen: Lily Hoshino
・ Character design: Tomomi Ishikawa
・ Story construction: Shoji Yonemura
・ Music: R ・ O ・ N

・ Hengyang Gakuen High School
Haru Yamato: Ryota Takara
Sakaki Seiichiro: Shuto Ishimori
Tsukioka Hiiragi role: Kohei Yoshiwara
Yukinaga Tsubaki Takashi: Ryotaro Yamaguchi
The role of Ryu Nagumo: Kazuki Furuta
Yasumasa Tenmon: Yasunao Sakai

・ Adalbert Academy High School
Rui Kashiyoshi: Hiromu Mineta
The role of Shin Yuki: Yuya Arai
Takuo Kuga: Satoru Murakami
Hanayamain Kaito role: Junpei Baba
Kyogoku Holy Role: Naoya Miyase
Tomoe Futaba: Tomoya Yamamoto

・ Momomi High School
Nozomi Kamori: Takao Sakuma
Natsuki Togawa: Mizumi Chiba
Kyosuke Aiba: Kazuki Ura
Rio Hanamura: Keita Tada
Kurama Yukimaru: Gen Uemura

・ Amanogawa Gakuen High School
Ren Kiryu: TAKA (CUBERS)
Shun Shirakawa: Nobuaki Oka
Togo Tachibana: Shoichiro Oumi
Ayato Imazono: Ayato Morinaga
Asa Minase: Takeru Kikuchi
Akizuki Soya: Takuya Tsuda

・ Hanayama Gakuen High School
Asahina Ao: Keito Okuyama
Tennoji engraving role: Keiji Kawashima
Ryutaro Sera: Sosuke Shimokawa
Ryosuke Minase: Takahide Ishii
Garcia Emilio: Ryosuke Kozuka
Hasumi Saku: Tsubasa Kizu

・ Adalbert Academy High School Director
Keishi Kaedeyama Role: Daisuke Ono
・ Momomi High School Director
Taro Atsuta: Satoshi Hino
・ Amanogawa Gakuen High School Director
Isshiki Meteor: Shotaro Morikubo
・ Director of the High School of Hanayama Gakuen
Lion King Takeshi: Katsuyuki Konishi
・ Hi-Fi League President
Kuma River Kiji: Kazuhiko Inoue

▼ Official website

▼ Official twitter

▼ Official Youtube channel

[Operating environment and other inquiries]
* Please be sure to use this app in the operating environment described in the link above. Even if you use it in the operating environment, the app may not work properly depending on your usage status and model-specific factors.

▼ Copyright
© Futsal Boys !!!!! Project
© 2021 Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

"CRIWARE (TM)" of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd. is used for this application.
Updated on
Jun 22, 2022

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