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About this app

The program includes the materials required by the mathematics curriculum of elementary and upper secondary schools. All the main definitions, definitions and descriptions are given. You will also find numerous examples, drawings and additional materials.

The materials are categorized by categories and courses. In addition, you can quickly find the necessary chapters using search functionality.

The program is in Estonian.

Materials Covered:

Quantities and their properties.
The absolute value of the number.
Number n root.
Works with roots and roots with equal roots.
One Unknown Linearity System.
Generalization of the angle concept, radian dimension.
Circle arc length and sector area.
Angular trigonometric functions (sin α, cos α, tan α), their values
at some angles.
Sum of angles and difference between sine, cosine and tangent.
Double angle sine, cosine and tangent.
Triangular area formulas.
Sine and Cosine Theorem.
Triangle solving.
The concept of vector.
Equality of vectors.
Vector coordinates.
Vector Length.
Zero vector.
Unit vector.
The opposite vector.
Addition, subtraction and multiplication of vectors (in geometric and coordinate form).
Vector projections on coordinate axes.
Vector components.
Scalar product of two vectors.
Cross between two vectors.
Concept of line equation.
Straight line equation.
Circle equation.
The intersection of lines.
The concept of Arvjada, the general member of the sequence, the limit.
Arithmetic and geometric sequence.
Vowel geometric sequence.
Corresponding to the general member and sum formulas.
Circle Length and Circle Area as Limit.
Number e.
Equal and inverse relationship.
Linear and square function.
Definition of the function and its general symbol.
Function Assignment and Change Area.
Feature presentations.
Step functions with a natural gradient.
Dual and odd function.
Negative stepper functions.
Reverse function.
Zero points of the function, positive and negative areas, growth and shrinkage, maximum and minimum points of the graph, limit and continuity.
Definition and tables of function derivative.
The sum of the functions, derivative, multiplication, and division derivatives.
Finding a derivative of simpler functions.
Line tangent, tangent equation.
Increase and decrease in function, extremes.
Degree with real gradient.
Percentage growth and shrinkage.
Exponential function.
The logarithm of the number.
Logarithmization and potentiation of publications.
Logarithmic function (y = logax, y = log x, y = ln x).
Logarithm and exponential equations.
Sine, cosine and tangent function.
Periodic functions.
Definitions of arcsin m, arccos m and arctan m.
Trigonometric Basic Equations.
Cross-coordinates in space.
Point coordinates.
Distance between two points.
Straight and level in the room.
Straight positions in the space.
Angle between lines.
Straight and level mutual positions in space.
Angle between straight and plane.
Three cross-line theorem.
Two-level reciprocal positions in space.
Dual corner.
Parallel, cross and tilt projection.
Polyhedron movements.
Regular polygons.
Prism and pyramid, their full area and volume.
Cylinder, cone and sphere, their full area and volume.
Tasks for polyhedra and rotary bodies.
Event Types.
Relative frequency, statistical probability.
Classic probability.
Combination and multiplication of combinatorics.
Permutations, combinations and their properties.
Excluding Events, Formula of Probability.
Dependent and independent events, probability multiplication formula.
Conditional probability.
Geometric probability.
Presentation of empirical data, numerical characteristics of distribution.
Mean value, most likely value and standard deviation.
Uniform distribution and binomial distribution.
Normal distribution.
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Mar 31, 2019

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131 reviews
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April 3, 2019
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