SCOUTING - Automate field diagnosis

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Detect and identify in-field stress simply by taking a photo with your smartphone. With xarvio SCOUTING– The Assistant in Your Pocket.

xarvio SCOUTING is designed to support farmers and agricultural advisors in their decision making.

Just by walking over the fields and taking pictures you can:

- identify weeds,
- recognize diseases,
- analyze leaf damage,

Everything you spot on your walks is documented in a diary – so you have a complete history available at your fingertips. Furthermore you can benefit from a strong community of farmers and additional functionalities: SCOUTING Radar shows you, what’s going on in your surroundings. You will receive a detailed overview and can detect risks early on. Plus: With the notification feature you automatically receive push information about possible risks and threats in your area.

In-field stress detection and monitoring has never been easier, faster and more convenient.
Download SCOUTING now – and use it frequently. xarvio SCOUTING is based on deep learning algorithms and is continuously learning and improving. The more pictures you take and other farmers worldwide, the better it gets.
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What's new? With this update, we have fixed some minor bugs and improved the stability of the app. Stay tuned for more!

Do you have any questions or feedback? Just contact us at We are happy to hear from you.
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