Thumb Keyboard
Review from Renaud Lepage
Powerful keys for powerful thumbs. I just can't believe how smart that keyboard is, and also the fact that it has decent key sizes and configs for any device I ever used it on (Nexus S/Galaxy Nexus/X10/Transformer Prime/Nexus7/Nexus4/Note2/RAZR). Really awesome. I even forced my father, mother and sister to buy it. So far only my sister doesn't use it.


What's New
* New fonts: Roboto Light, Roboto Thin, Roboto Slab, Calligraphy, Impact and Elegant
* New: Auto-correction feedback in text to reduce errors caused by unnoticed auto corrections (Android 4.x)!
* New: User definable (auto) text substitutions! (For example: thx -> thanks etc)
* New: backup Text Substitutions
* New: extra setting to control gesture sensitivity
* Fixed: Occasional crash that occurred on some devices


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