Flow Free: Bridges
Offers in-app purchases
Review from Patrick Doctor
Why is it Flow Free? I love this game, I love the simplistic graphics and deep strategy, I love the added demension of bridges, but I bought level packs, why do you still label it Flow Free and why do I still get advertisements about your other games? If I wanted to know what else you made I would look it up, not hope for some advertisement in a game I paid not to be advertised through. Other than that small issue, this is a grand game.


What's New
New in version 1.8:
- Happy Valentine's Day! Celebrate with a new free Pink color theme!
- New Spring color theme available for purchase
- Various minor fixes and improvements
Version history:
1.8 - New color themes and fixes
1.7 - New levels and color themes
1.6 - Backend updates
1.5 - Bug fixes
1.4 - Bug fixes
1.3 - New levels and fixes
1.2 - Added new level packs
1.1 - Fixed display issue on Nexus 10 tablet
1.0 - Initial release


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