ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner
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Review from Charalampos T
My experience I tested the app on 15 randomly chosen perfumes and drinks, in a duty free shop. I did the same with red lazer. This app performed better in terms of finding the lowest price online and recognising the product overall. it found cheaper prices than the other app in 7 cases, same price in 5 cases and more expensive price in 2 cases. both apps failed to give good local results, even in big cities. shop savvy displays some reviews for some products when scanned, which is a nice feature as well.


What's New
Version 8.9.4
- General performance & image improvements.
Version 8.9.1
- Users now have more control over what notifications they receive (check Settings for all options).
- Search design has been completely overhauled to make finding products, stores, and users a breeze.
- General performance & image improvements.
Version 8.8.0
- bug fixes.
- performance improvements.