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About this app

For all single dwellers!

This is an app that automatically sends emails to family and friends when you, living alone, do not unlock your smartphones for a long period of time, due to some kind of trouble, such as losing consciousness.

With the spread of the infectious disease, we have been hindered from leaving home. For single dwellers, who cannot go to work or school at these times, there is a risk that no one is aware of their current status; you may pass out at home, but companies or schools have no way of checking up on you. You may not be found until much later…

When your smartphone is not unlocked for a long time, this app recognises this as a dangerous situation in which your smartphone cannot be used, and sends emails to recipients set in advance, with email content also put in advance by you.

“They haven’t been in touch and I’m worried”
“I want to check up on them but I can’t because of the virus”
“Maybe no one will notice even if I pass out since I’m living alone...”

This app is not only for the elderly, but for all people living alone, and for their families to feel more connected and secure.

【How to use the app】
You only need to take care of the below in the app settings:
●Turn the service on
●Input sender name and address
●Choose after how many hours of the smartphone not being unlocked the emails should be sent
●Input email recipients and content
...and the app is ready to run!

Other than that, just use your smartphone as usual! If something happens to you, and your smartphone is not in use for the length of time you have set beforehand, emails will be sent to the addresses that you have typed in the settings!

【Examples of usage】
There are three types of timers, and addresses / email content can be set respectively. See below a way to use these three timers:

[Timer 1] When the smartphone has not been used for 12 hours, an email for confirmation will be sent to your own address.
[Timer 2] When the smartphone has not been used for 18 hours, email reading “send me an email!” will be sent to family.
[Timer 3] When the smartphone has not been used for 24 hours, email will be sent to family and boss at work to “call to check up on me, and if I don’t answer, please come and check my room”.

【About the app】With the spread of the infectious disease, not only the elderly but also younger generations have passed away.
There have been cases where the illness escalated quickly, and lives have been lost at an incredibly fast speed. Even with the disease aside, the issue of the elderly dying alone at home still remains. I have created this app with the aim to possibly help save some of these lives.

I hope this app not only helps the users themselves, but also helps their families and friends feel more secure about knowing their loved ones’ status.

As I am developing this app alone, I may not be able to accommodate all requests and demands, but reviews will always be appreciated. If there are any requests, please let me know and I will consider implementing them.

I am currently developing an iOS version and Pro version with additional features (sending location information, sound, or images from the phone camera).

If you have any requests or questions, please contact:

-The email may also be sent when the smartphone screen is broken, or when the user has forgotten the passcode and cannot unlock their smartphones.

-In order to avoid family members and friends calling ambulances when unnecessary, please include text requesting email receivers to first call the user to check their status.

-If the sender’s address differs from the their usual address, it could be a fraud. First check by sending an email to the sender’s usual address, or call them, to first confirm that it is not a scam.
Updated on
Apr 16, 2020

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