utter! Voice Commands BETA!
Review from Charlie Callow
Amazing! If you want to jump straight into the world of automated assistants from sci-fi films this is it! You could literally do anything with this especially combined with tasker integration! Absolutely fantastic!


What's New
BUG - Beep on permanent recognition due to a Google Search update.
BUG - All Access command broken.
Fixes coming shortly.
• Spotify integration!
• Google All Access integration!
• Google Now integration
• 'Okay Google' MotoX wake-up!
• Stock prices
• Horoscopes
• Define
• Chat-bot
• New Searches:
• Amazon
• eBay
• Yelp
• Twitter
• Foursquare
• New Tasker Plugin
• Ask Yahoo
• Where am I?
• Answer/reject calls
• Call confirmation
Force Close on start? See here - http://goo.gl/GUvYT


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