The Lords of Midnight
Review from jamie wiltshire
Better than I remember! God this takes me back. Paid £1.99 for this on my C64 back in the day. Forgot what a challenge it is. Touch controls work perfectly. If you played the original you HAVE to get this....if not you still should. 10 stars!!


What's New
Version 1.12
1. FIXED: Graphic glitch under certain terrain
2. FIXED: Poor quality of distant terrain
3. FIXED: Fixed back and home button not working correctly
4. FIXED: Random action selection when dragging main view.
5. FIXED: Double army display
6. FIXED: Keep Awake not consistently working
7. FIXED: Approach screen not appearing when entering a location with a recruitable character
Please check ‎ for a list of all fixes and new features.


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