The Lords of Midnight
Review from Dan Svensson
Great game bad GUI Game is great but the GUI gets in the way of the game. It's a constant switching of screens to look up information when most of it could easily be displayed in one way or another on the main screen. I would myself change a few things * If in a location where other characters are present then the Select icon should change to show this * If grouped with other characters this can be shown on the main screen by showing miniature shields of the other group members on the large shield * The choose icon can be eliminated and the different icons from that screen can be displayed along the bottom, with some exceptions - The think button should be removed altogether as the large shield on the main screen does the same, the Exit, undo and back to dawn buttons can be placed under the android settings button(the 3 vertical dots) * Enemy armies within the immediate area of characters should be seen on the discovery map just like animals and such * Time of day should be better visualized on the main screen than the colors dimming, maybe an hourglass or something or just a plain number showing how many hours left. * I should be informed when one of my characters is killed. ..more


What's New
Version 1.12
1. FIXED: Graphic glitch under certain terrain
2. FIXED: Poor quality of distant terrain
3. FIXED: Fixed back and home button not working correctly
4. FIXED: Random action selection when dragging main view.
5. FIXED: Double army display
6. FIXED: Keep Awake not consistently working
7. FIXED: Approach screen not appearing when entering a location with a recruitable character
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