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Earn your Food Handler certificate with a fully-accredited ANSI certificate program to meet your US State and local requirements. (Such states include California, Illinois, Texas, and others that require an ANSI accredited food handler certificate.)

• Download and run the Safe Food Handler mobile app
• Register and create an account
• Pay the license fee of $15. The program trial is free.

The FAST PATH, MASTER PATH, and TEAM PATH recognize the different training needs people have.

The Fast Path is how you most quickly complete the certificate program.
• Use the quiz feature on at least four of the seven levels of instruction. This demonstrates subject knowledge.
• Then take the 40-question exam. They pass with a score of at least 70%, and thereby earn the certificate.

The Master Path is how a new food handler builds great expertise. Learning Accelerators boost mastery of all seven levels of course instruction.
• The first learning accelerator is a COIN, which you will get as you swipe through the LEARN pages for each course level.
• The next learning accelerator is a PEEK which you use during any course-level quiz. During the quiz, the coins let you peek directly at answer material.
• The third learning accelerator is a LEVEL SKILL. It is calculated after each level quiz to show your exam readiness. It shows as simple progress bar from zero to 100.
• A fourth learning accelerator is QUIZ TIME TRACKING to help you develop confidence and speedy recall

When the app is used by a group of people, they use the Team Path. Team Tools enhance group play, and support individual use of the Fast Path and Master Path features.
The Team Path is recommended for any group with a shared interest in food safety. From a few friends and coworkers, or businesses and classrooms of hundreds of people.

Use the app for free at the first two learning levels. Check out the features and the fit for you. When you want to advance or take a certification exam, pay the $15 license fee. If you use Team Tools to add others to your training game, then the fee is discounted to as little as $10. You must pay the license fee before you can earn the course certificate.

The course covers the subjects needed to be certified as a Safe Food Handler. The learning objectives align to California and other state codes. And the instructional material is primarily sourced from the USDA 2013 Food Code. There are seven levels of course instruction.
o Food-borne Illness
o Time/Temp Control for Safety
o Employee Hygiene
o Receiving Food
o Storing Food
o Preparing & Serving Food
o Cleaning & Sanitizing

As part of ANSI accreditation, we actively maintain policy and procedure on providing ready support, and effectively managing and complaints or appeals. Within the app, you can use the Support & Feedback to send messages to us. Or you may just email us at

Best wishes for GREAT training!
The Safe Food Handler Team
Cogneti, LLC
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15 nov 2020

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4 de febrero de 2020
Thanks cogneti! This safe food handler program is really amazing! I recommend it 100%👏👏👏
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