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Tentang aplikasi ini was established in 2018. We understand that people in Indonesia do not understand cryptocurrency, and here we intend to make education and news about cryptocurrency. We created this website because we wanted to help the Indonesian people to more quickly access news or education that we provide by using technology, we are currently creating our official website, Currently we can publish and create news that all people can access and read in real time and more quickly in educational discussions about cryptocurrency. Everyone has the right to read and comment to us on the page that we provide. The meaning of the name cryptoiz is the name for the perpetrators / users / lovers of cryptocurrency in Indonesia and we want to distinguish traders between cryptocurrency traders and forex traders in the hope of name
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30 Apr 2022

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-Fixed crash issue on Android 12.
-Bumped up the dependencies version and build tool version.
-Minor bug fixes.
-Popup ADS Added
-Fixed Subcategory issue
-Notification issue resolved.
-Performance improvements