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Crystal’s portfolio consists of a full range of award-winning products such as various high-end cables, the iconic Arabesque speaker series, and the renowned CCI amplifier.

A new CrystalConnect cable comes with a standard 5-year warranty that covers defects in materials and manufacture, as well as mechanical and electrical malfunctions.

By registering the product, its standard warranty gets upgraded to a lifetime warranty!*

Every cable has an NFC tag attached. The tag works in correlation with this app installed on any NFC-enabled device.

Download the app and follow the instructions to authenticate or register your new cable.

Registration is only possible with the unique ownership code that is printed on the product certificate and corresponds to the cable’s serial number.

Additionally, the app offers easy access to the company’s website and current product catalogue.

*Register your product within three months of purchase for the warranty to be extended. The limited lifetime warranty period is of ten years.
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10 mei 2022

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