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Cymera is a gorgeous photo editor with thousands of filter effects, collage, frames, selfie stickers and the best features for your face and body.


■ Beauty Camera
- Professional beauty tools for your skin makeup, slim, face reshape, remove wrinkles, erase pimples and dark circles.
- Hundreds of amazing beauty filters and makeup effects.
+ Meet the smart selfie camera to look exceptional without hassle!

■ Amazing Filters
- Perfect instant selfies with 130 different filters.
- Enjoy our filters for your selfie, nation flag effect, vintage-feel, pastel colors, film-effect, black & white and more!
- Lens flare effects or light laked effects.
- Create your own collection of favorite filters.
+ All filters are free!

■ Camera Lenses and Silent Mode
- 7 different and fascinating camera lenses.
(Divided lenses/FishEye/Lomo and more)
- Anti-shake, timer, touch shooting, out-focusing option.
- Silent mode to shoot wherever you want without disturbing others.
- Bluetooth connection is available for selfie sticks with remote.

■ Collage and No Crop Features
- Different types of grid to combine photos (up to 9 photos) into one.
- Blurred background with a simple touch.

■ Retouch Your Photos Instantly
- Automatic face recognition (enlarge eyes/smile/slim).
- Liquify, skin corrections (brightening, whitening, concealers).
- 200 kinds of natural hair and makeup items.

■ Shape Your Dream Body
- New body shaping function.
- Easy function to slim your waist.
- The best photo editor to lift your hip.
+ No more bow legs. Get a sexy, shaped legs in few seconds!

■ Super Easy and Fast Editing Tools
- Brightness/contrast/mosaic/rotate and more.
- Extraordinary effects such as lights/borders/vignette.
- High quality resolution for clean and clear photos.
- 15 different designs of watermark.
- Advanced red eye removal function.
- Add a stunning art effects with color splash feature.

■ Upgrade Photos With Unique Items
- Trendy face stickers, animal face, flower crown, lovely heart, magazine frame, wallpaper, alphabet, message stickers, greeting card and more!
- Brush feature for hand writings and drawings.
- Variety of fonts in text feature.

■ Sharing Photos and Smart Gallery
- Organize photos by date, location, selfies, etc.
- Now you can set your edited photos as wallpaper.
+ Send or share your photos on your favorite social media channel or other instant chat!

■ Language Support
- Korean, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

We do not provide the service/content for any minors under 16 years old (or equivalent minimum age in relevant jurisdiction). If you are a minor meeting the above conditions, you must read the terms of User Agreement and use this app under the guidance of your guardian, and confirm that your guardian agrees to your Use of this app..

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- @Cymera_official

Cymera listens to your suggestions and opinions.
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Send suggestions/opinions: Cymera -> Settings -> Feedback

Thank you for using Cymera. :)
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[Update - V4.3.3]
- Error correction regarding the information and details of the photo.
- Bug fixes and other improvements.
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