Super Hexagon
Review from Dogukan Cetin
Mister Cavanagh Thank you for this game so much. I was thinking that it wasnt going to be on par with its ios version but i was wrong. This version is superb. The game is superb but we all know that by now. Very big thanks to you and whoever ported the game. 1.0.3 is buttery smooth! Thanks


What's New
Version 1.0.7
Fixed a startup crash that affected gingerbread devices.
Version 1.0.6
Bug fixes
- Restore "Sticky immersive mode" after using the volume keys.
- Corrected audio playback (Fixes the issue for some devices with chipmunk voices)
- Fixed an issue that would cause the game to be grayscale on resume
- Kitkat related performance fixes
- Restore unlocked achievements state from G+ profile to local score file
- (Re)submit local unlocked achievements to G+ if needed


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