Zombies & Trains!
Offers in-app purchases
Review from Michael W
Alright game Just getting tired of these types of games where you lose all your real world money the moment you upgrade to a new phone/tablet. What happened to paying $4-$5 for a decent app and just owning? Used to be able to just upgrade as you advanced in games, now you can't unless you keep spending real cash. Games end up costing you lots of money in the end, for what? To tap the screen a bazillion times while trying to not crash the trains as well?


What's New
Version 1.34:
- Gameplay tweaks.
Big updates from past versions:
- Added Google+ GameServices integration with Achievements and Leaderboards!
- Added slot machine! Win cool prizes!
- Added new equipment: Saw Blade Cannon!
- Added optional Facebook integration. Challenge your friends!
- 2 new trains! The tough Heavy Metal, and speed demon Bullet Train!
- A new arena: The Ancient Ruins!


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