Tweetings for Twitter
Review from Nur Madridista
*ERROR: SOCKET IS CLOSED wtf Ever since I bought this seemingly cool app I always get the above message. I have never been able to use it. Why? #refund Now I can't get a refund and still the app doesn't do anything except not work. Wow. I still cannot use this app! It still gives me the same notice as above. I tried hard to find anyone else who may have experienced same but still haven't been lucky enough too find them. I paid for an app I have never used. Installed it and everything, got my receipt and all. But I am yet to use it.
RBD Solutions Limited September 28, 2013
Your cell providers proxy is causing it. Remove it from your APN setttings and all should be fine


What's New
- Upgrade Image Loader library
- Check scroll position is a gap loading before checking TweetMarker
- Don't update TweetMarker position for timeline gaps
- Better handling of hiding retweets on non databased timelines & search when preference is selected
- Fix right hand notification drawer background color on light theme with dark action bar


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