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Search, register, and manage your domains from the official Dynadot app! Access all the domain tools you need to run your business’s website or to keep on top of your domain investing strategy. From the app, you will be able to: conduct domain searches to register domains, initiate domain transfers, use our aftermarket platform to stay informed on hot domain auctions, adjust DNS settings on the fly, and much more. The app is designed with a clean, easy to navigate user interface to ensure you can accomplish your domain related goals efficiently and effectively.

Domain Search
Find and register your perfect domain directly from the app. We have made it simple to search for domains and to add them to your Dynadot account. If you are looking to register multiple domains at once, use our bulk search tool to speed up the process.

Domain Aftermarket
Looking to acquire valuable domains on the go? With the Dynadot app, you can discover, place bids, and monitor domains of interest from our domain aftermarket during your busy day. The app is connected to our aftermarket listings found on our main platform to allow you to easily track domains regardless on which platform you are using. Access expired domain auctions or user listed domains from our marketplace/user auctions to find new, high value opportunities for domain acquisition. You can even list your domains for sale directly on the app!

Domain Management
Update the settings of your domains at anytime, anywhere. Need to quickly renew your domain or check an upcoming expiration? How about update your DNS settings? Unlocking a domain for transfer? You can make all these adjustments and more to any domain in your Dynadot account with a few taps.

Over 500 Domain Extensions
Dynadot offers over 500 top-level domains for your registration needs. You’ll find everything from popular generic top-level domains (gTLDs) such as .COM and .NET to various country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) such as .CO.UK, .DE and much more - so you can find the extension that fits your domain.

Access Your Account Information Easily
Adjusting your Dynadot account settings is a breeze through the app. You will be able to change general settings such as your address, your password, or credits cards attached to the account. You can also view all your recent orders, payments, and payouts to help you stay organized.

Whois Lookup
Access the Whois database at anytime! If you are researching your next domain purchase, looking for domain owner’s contact information or checking the expiration on a domain, the Dynadot app is the perfect tool to assist you.

Seamless Integration with the Website Platform
The tools found on the Dynadot app connect directly with the main Dynadot website. Any adjustments made to any domains or account settings on the app will automatically be synced to your account on the website platform.

24/7 Support and More!
Our chat support is connected with the app to help you with your domain-related inquiries. You can also connect with the Dynadot community directly through our forum.

Download the Dynadot app today to make registering and managing your domains easier!
Visit https://dynadot.com/ for more information about all our tools and services.
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22 июн. 2022 г.

Безопасность данных

Чтобы контролировать безопасность, нужно знать, как разработчики собирают ваши данные и передают их третьим лицам. Методы обеспечения безопасности и конфиденциальности могут зависеть от того, как вы используете приложение, а также от вашего региона и возраста. Информация ниже предоставлена разработчиком и в будущем может измениться.
Данные не передаются третьим сторонам.
Это приложение может собирать указанные типы данных.
Личная информация, Финансовые данные и ещё 3
Данные шифруются при передаче.
Вы можете запросить удаление данных.
348 отзывов
Александр Зазыбин
20 января 2022 г.
Насколько хорош сайт и сам Dynadot, настолько же дурное у него приложение. При поиске доменов зависает. При вводе логина и пароля тоже. При попытке регистрации тоже. Подсказок нет и почему виснет, не понять. Перезагружал, выключал смарт. Смартфон выпуска 2019г. Philips. 8-й Андроид. Нерабочая вообще прилага.
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9 февраля 2022 г.
Hello, we've tried to take a look into your issue but have been unable to replicate the freezing that's occurring on your device. Can you please contact our support team (info@dynadot.com) and provide more information on your exact phone model information and what's happening when the issue occurs?
28 ноября 2021 г.
Всё супер! Оплачивать домены почему-то через приложение намного проще, чем через сам сайт. Практически все функции для управления доменом пресутствуют. Очень нравится приложение 😍
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4 февраля 2022 г.
Thanks for the positive review! We're glad that you find our app helpful while managing and registering domains.
Mak Il
30 марта 2021 г.
Мне очень понравилось. У вас кчть поддержка на русском? Мне нужна ваша помощь создвть сайт, а вам будет трафик и новфе клиенты и реклама.
3 человека отметили этот отзыв как полезный.
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