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Every year on the roads of our country more and more you can see strange people. These strange people do not sit at home with a TV with beer - they travel. And for some reason on a motorcycle.
The first thing that comes to mind is bikers! But no...
Oddly enough - not everyone on a motorcycle is a biker! Sometimes they call themselves ordinary motorcyclists, or mototourists. And more often they don’t call themselves at all - they just travel and that's it!
In a word - strange people! Very strange for the rest of society, and sometimes even for the same two-wheeled brothers - for example, when they travel in winter, in snow and snowstorm !!!
And still - to choose such an uncomfortable tool for traveling! A minimum of things, the danger of damage (even fatal), you will not be saved from rain and heat, cold, flies and animals on the road.
What for??!! Why??! Perverts? Masochists ??

So, brothers! This phenomenon has a definition! Very capacious, faithful and fully expressing the essence - ADVENTURE!

Whether you are a biker, motorcyclist, moped rider, bicyclist ... hell, even on foot - it doesn’t matter at all how and on what you went on a trip - you are a real adventurer! And the choice of transport is only the degree of this adventurism - the more complicated the stronger the diagnosis ...

A bit from the dictionary:
Adventure is an adventure dangerous in nature, accompanied by the risk of unexpected events and peripitiations (yes they drink, they drink and drink a lot).

Adventurism - behavior, activity characterized by risky unprincipled actions (sometimes very unprincipled !!)

Adventurer: adventurer, explorer (seeker will find!).

How is it? Feel it? Well right ?? !! ADVENTURISM! A word about us ...

Remember your first dalnyak. This is especially true for those who made them 20-30 years, even 40 years ago! Then any dalnyak on a motorcycle - it was a real adventure! Infrastructure zero! Communication is zero ...
And you were driving somehow! Arrived! Broke ... repaired and returned! In Java, Izhah, Urals / Dnieper ... Old Japanese and self-propelled trike-propelled vehicles!
Now, of course, it's easier - both motorcycles are more reliable and roads are better. But the adventure is not less! After all, the runs have increased MANY !!!

It is impossible for a simple average layman to prove in principle the meaning and reasons for traveling on a motorcycle. To go to a far distance from ebony ebony to get wet, freeze, break down a thousand times and get somewhere with adventure? This is not explainable to those who are not an adventurer. And the adventurer lives on this :)

Have you defended LJ? And not the second? Did you drive 2000, 2500, 3000 km per day?
Some say suicide. The second is nuts. Someone of course will say - hero, handsome, etc.
And we are against !!! Categorically! Heroes - they save people from burning buildings, rush into embrasures ... After all, heroes are people who sacrifice themselves for other people! And we, it turns out, sacrifice ourselves for our sake ... Selfishly ... But what can we do? THIS IS ADVENTURE! Yes, he is like that, with a touch of egoism ...

Something like that, brothers and girls.
Now you know how to answer all the townsfolk! Let it scratch turnips, remembering the meaning of the word)))
Updated on
May 1, 2020

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