The Simpsons™: Tapped Out
Offers in-app purchases
Editors' Choice Top Developer
Review from David Dalton
Awesome game Awesome game, I love the simpsons so they could do no wrong in my eyes and love that the game has clips and all the voiceovers


What's New
Springfield has been invaded by ravenous, bloodthirsty…bunnies? Nobody panic – just put down your whacking stick, grab a bunny stunner, and if we’re lucky we’ll get out alive.
EGGS: Collect and trade eggs for prize-filled Easter Boxes.
CHARACTERS: Plan a cat coup with Crazy Cat Lady and help Father Sean make Catholicism cool.
BUILDINGS: Get casually clad at the Banana Dictatorship and party at Johnny Fiestas.
QUESTS: Bunnies laying eggs? Can Lisa get to the bottom of this biological mystery?


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