ES File Explorer File Manager
Review from Erik Vlieks
GNexus and GNexus 7 User Been using this App for 2 years now on Droid and GN devices. Great tool for file management and troubleshooting issues. Easy to use, very intuitive. Highly recommend.


What's New
-Samsung external card write issue on Android 4.4 Kitkat
-Multi-thread download & copy setting
-Video/audio thumbnails
-Download Facebook video when playing(use FB link in homepage)
Meet Android bug(not ES issue) & cant update? Try
-Clear Google play cache & reboot
-Clear data/data/ & retry(for root)
Homepage;Web Search;Recycle Bin;Batch Rename;GIF;Open As;Task Manager;Playlist;Fast Access;WiFi Send;Gesture;Theme;Root Explorer..


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