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Using NetSpot WiFi analyzer and wireless survey tool is a sure way to create flawless coverage throughout your space. Whether you are perfecting the WiFi coverage of a home or an office, the NetSpot WiFi app for Android can offer the most optimal results. Exceptional simplicity and affordability make NetSpot an all-in-one wireless scanner and WiFi Analyzer and survey app.

You can perform a survey with just your phone or tablet at hand and then generate beautiful heatmaps in NetSpot Home, Pro, or Enterprise on your Windows or Mac computer for a thorough analysis. No special knowledge or hardware is required.

Here's what you can do with NetSpot WiFi Analyzer:

⚡️ Perform a wireless site survey with NetSpot on your Android device;
⚡️ Survey a space of any size - from a tiny apartment to a huge warehouse;
⚡️ Analyze WiFi coverage with comprehensive visualizations in the desktop NetSpot PRO, Home, or Enterprise;
⚡️ Test the Internet speed for your network.
⚡️ Scan your and surrounding wireless networks;
⚡️ Observe the changes in data charts in real-time;
⚡️ Compare networks by Signal strength and WiFi Channel;
⚡️ Use filters for scanned networks: by Name, by Security protocol, by Signal strength, by Band;

NetSpot operates the following data:

⭐️ Live Data: NetSpot collects and visualizes 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax live Wi-Fi data
⭐️ 2.4 and 5GHz Bands: NetSpot supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz channel bands
⭐️ Details on all APs: Network name, MAC address, Channel, Signal level, Security, etc.

Areas, where NetSpot WiFi Analyzer is indispensable:

✅ Monitoring your wireless network for general issues;
✅ Detecting and fixing WiFi channel overlap cases;
✅ A quick examination of the surrounding WiFi coverage;
✅ Performing an exhaustive wireless site survey;
✅ Checking for any issues with wireless connection;
✅ Testing your current network's Internet speed and analyzing it at different periods of time;
✅ Detecting signal leakages.

Start using NetSpot WiFi analyzer today to prevent any issues with your WiFi in the future!

Feel free to send us your feedback at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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