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To much touchs for calling If you want to call someone. You have click the screen to many times. The process should be more quick. No sync with google facebook and no way to change the photo contact. location doesnt work very well.... And no url contact field. But still think its a great idea
Evernote Corporation September 27, 2012
We had some problems with the Google APIs that affected our new Location editing features. These have been resolved. Please give this another try and let us know if you still have problems.


What's New
What's new in 1.4.2:
- Supports saving to Exchange account contacts
- Added additional fields in profile
- Fixed crash on launch issue on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7
Also in this release:
- NEW: Use Hello Connect audio tones to instantly exchange information with nearby Evernote Hello users
- Automatically pulls contact information from Facebook, LinkedIn and your address book to save you time
- Pushes new Hello contacts into your Google Contacts to keep everything up to date


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