Fox News
Review from Greg Hall
Two Flaws 1. I wish the news flashes were time & date stamped so I could know how recently the news was reported. 2. I wish there was a way to read all the news flashes that accumulate in my app instead of merely the first one in the queue. If there are two or more bulletins I can read the first one that appears but not the unread ones that are behind it. Otherwise, I like this app.


What's New
Version 2.0.2
Back End Fixes
Version 2.0
New navigation
Breaking News hub- one stop for breaking news stories & videos
Multitasking- watch Fox News Channel live* while you read the news
More News! Drill down into subsections
Search for stories on the topics that interest you
Supports control for screen rotation and large text
*Fox News Channel & Fox Business Network live are only available through authorized cable, satellite & telco subscription packages


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