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Get the most out of your day with the Headspace meditation app. We’ll help you focus, breathe, stay calm, perform at your best and get a better night’s rest through the life-changing skills of relaxation, meditation and mindfulness. In just a few minutes a day, you’ll learn how to train your mind and body for a healthier, stress-free and happier life. Need a bit of stress relief during a rough day or guidance on how to sleep well at night? Headspace can help. All you have to do is download our free meditation and mindfulness app. Then just sit back, relax and breathe.

What our meditation and sleep app does:
○The Headspace app teaches you how to breathe, meditate and live mindfully. It’s even been proven to improve focus. There are exercises on everything from managing anxiety and stress to breathing, happiness, calm and focus. Plus, we have specially-designed sleep meditations to guide you to a place of rest. And don’t worry if you’ve never meditated before. Andy Puddicombe, co-founder of Headspace and a former monk, will guide you through every step as your personal meditation coach. There’s also a free Basics pack that will teach you the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. After the Basics, there are dozens of packs you can explore or you can use Everyday Headspace to simply meditate and get a moment of relief.

○ Train and calm your mind in just a few minutes a day with guided meditations

○ Learn classic meditation and relaxation techniques to help you relax, manage your stress and anxiety, or for different topics like creativity and sleep

○ Add some mindfulness to your day with custom push notifications that remind you to be present and breath

○ Sleep sounds to create truly restful nights

○ Track your progress and share it with others

What themes our meditations cover:
Packs: Each pack has a series of guided meditations designed to help you skillfully manage different topics and form a healthy simple habit. Learn how to breathe during an anxiety attack, get a bit of stress relief when you’re being too hard on yourself, or relax during a stressful day.
○ Happiness meditation packs include: Self-esteem, Relationships, Patience, Happiness, Acceptance, Appreciation
○ Health meditation packs include: Anxiety Relief, Stress, Sleep, Depression, Pregnancy, Cancer, Pain Management
○ Brave meditation packs include:Regret, Anger, Change, Restlessness, Kindness, Generosity
○ Work & Performance meditation packs include:Productivity, Focus, Creativity, Balance
○ Sport meditation packs include: Motivation, Focus, Training, Competition, Communication, Analysis, Recovery, Rehab
○ Student meditation packs include: Focus, Leaving Home

Headspace for Kids: Guided exercises designed for younger meditators. Topics include: Sleep, Wake Up, Calm, Focus, Kindness, Balance, Happiness, Appreciation.

Singles: One-off mindfulness exercises designed to add some mindfulness to your day. There are breathing exercises for stressful times, visualization exercises to give you a bit of relief during a busy day, and mindfulness exercises to help you relax at the end of the day.
○ Headspace singles include guided exercises on health, happiness, work & performance and sports
○ The singles can be guided if you’re a little newer to meditation or unguided if you’re a more experienced meditator
○ There are one-off sessions on sleep, stress, anxiety, work, travel, sports, focus, motivation, training and communication
○ Plus, six SOS sessions to give you some relief during meltdown moments.
ヘッドスペース瞑想アプリで一日を最大限に活用しましょう。私たちは、リラクゼーション、瞑想、マインドフルネスの人生を変えるスキルを通して、集中し、息を鎮め、落ち着いて、最高のパフォーマンスを発揮し、より良い夜の休息を得るのを手伝います。 1日にほんの数分で、ストレスや幸せな人生のためにあなたの心と体を鍛える方法を学びます。荒い日にはストレスリリーフや夜間の睡眠の指導が必要ですか?ヘッドスペースが役に立ちます。無料の瞑想とマインドフルネスアプリをダウンロードするだけです。その後、座ってリラックスして呼吸してください。

○ヘッドスペースアプリは、息を吐き、瞑想し、慎重に生きる方法を教えてくれます。フォーカスを向上させることさえ証明されています。不安やストレスを管理することから、呼吸、幸福、落ち着き、そしてフォーカスに至るまで、あらゆるものにエクササイズがあります。さらに、私たちには特別な睡眠瞑想があり、休息の場に導きます。以前に瞑想したことがないかどうか心配しないでください。 Headspaceの共同設立者で元僧侶のAndy Puddicombeは、あなたの個人的な瞑想のコーチとして、あらゆるステップをお手伝いします。あなたに瞑想とマインドフルネスの本質を教える無料の基本パックもあります。基本の後には、数十のパックがあります。また、毎日のヘッドスペースを使って簡単に瞑想し、救済の瞬間を得ることができます。








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As always, if you run into any troubles, let us know at help@headspace.com


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