Asteroid Impacts

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Use your dexterity and wits to guide various types of asteroids on their journey through outer space. Become the center of gravity and lead them to their ultimate goal – a planet’s core.

Stand up to the film and game industry that tells you to fight alien invaders and help them instead! Find out what happens if some asteroids actually reach their targets…
One outcome that is to be expected: a good time for you!

You are about to destroy dozens of worlds* in almost 60 tricky levels using different types of asteroids and your brain to figure out how to do so. Prepare to get properly entertained by a truly innovative and intuitive way to control the scene, stylish graphics, and a novel kind of gameplay.


• Free! Give it a try :)
• Stylish & unique graphics (maybe comparable to the neon/glowing graphics style of Tron)
• Adjustable to different device capabilities (3 levels of graphic-details)
• 59 levels (and more to come)
• Fitting audio support and explosion effects
• Intuitive & innovative physics-based game controls
• Vast space levels in an almost unlimited universe
• Different asteroid** types/zones/types of planets
• Relaxed but challenging gameplay

I'm a single independent developer and therefore I can always use some help marketing my game :) - if you like what you see please support my work by:
- giving it a good rating
- liking it on Facebook (
- recommending it to your friends and family

If you have any problems or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me under: or via the Facebook page.

Enjoy your journey!

* it goes without saying that those are – unlike the earth – unpopulated ;)
** often similarly/equivalently referred to as meteor, meteoroid, meteorite, comet or shooting star
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5550 Rezensionen
Ein Google-Nutzer
7. Mai 2017
cooles game nur die letzten level sind sehr schwer daher 5 sterne weil eigentlich ganz gut.
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Ein Google-Nutzer
1. März 2016
Ausgezeichnete physikimplementierung und schön gemacht. Ach und süchtig macht es auch...
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Ein Google-Nutzer
23. April 2014
Dachte am Anfang: "Na ja...!". Kann aber jetzt nur meine Ebay Bewertung professionelle Lieferung abgeben: " Seriöser und anspruchsvoller Unterhaltungsanbieter. Absolut empfehlenswert. Sehr schöne Graphik. Bin z. Zt. Level 31. Harte Nuss. Knack' ich auch noch ;) ." Viel Spass.....
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Update 1.4.1

* Small Adjustments

Update 1.4

* 6 new levels

* Smaller UI changes

Update 1.3

* A new type of level - the Time Challenge

* Leaderboards (Google Play Game Services)

* Achievements (Google Play Game Services)

* Possibility to turn of vibration - click on the "Effects" button in the settings menu (little gear symbol)