Ginger Keyboard - Perfect Text
Review from Tomas Kuli
Meh Needs a lot of work. Needs swype capability (I don't use my thumbs to type). Also when it gets something wrong (it is definitely not making corrections based on grammar), there seems to be no way to correct the error before "approving" their take on the message. Used it for a couple of SMS's and it didn't correct some words, didn't correct words based on grammar, and I couldn't correct any errors. You also have to wait a little too long for it to "ginger it", a minor annoyance, but if it got it right better one that's tolerable because you could spend more time just correcting your own mistakes. However, for now, you have to ginger it, then approve even with errorts it didn't correct, then go back and make corrections anyway! I'll keep it for now in my phone, but will switch back to my other keyboard which allows swyping and autocorrects. Will check again for updates that addmore features and is better at doing the job. Would prefer that they make their other app compatible with my phone which is a Galaxy S III. How they don't have a compatible app for one of the hottest phones out there is beyond me. Oh and their on-line software doesn't work either.


What's New
- Added Chinese language support (Handwriting and Pinyin)
- Improved layout for multiple languages (Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, French and more)
- Major performance improvements
- Bug fixes
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