Google Play Music
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Review from Mike Zybko
Work in progress, still Time for an update with this Chromecast/Google Cast hullabaloo. Much improved UI than previously. Album art has improved vastly. Chromecasting was pretty much what I was looking for, but the next step is social casting like with google, where collaborative queues can used like in the YouTube app with Google Casting. It isn't up to par with the Netflix and YouTube apps with this respect. When I switch to a different device, to cast, the current song stops. Overall keep up the good work and keep improving.


What's New
* You can now start radio stations based on your playlists
* Added the ability to pin radio stations. You'll now be able to listen to your offline radio stations even when you don't have any connection
* Added 'Play next' in the context menu
* Lots of shuffle and unshuffle fixes
* The queue understands and shows what you are playing from (playlist, album, etc)


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