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Review from kathleen delara
Dont bother... Updated on my new HTC evo. Buffers movie every 10secs...then plays ok for 1/2hr...and then buffers and doesnt play rest of movie... Sux for ppl who rents because once you play it, you have to watch w/in 24hrs ...frustrating when a 2hr movie keeps buffering...


What's New
- Precise seeking. To rewind or fast-forward a few seconds, drag your finger across the video image. Drag and hold at the edge of the screen to continue seeking.
- 10 second rewind. Swipe your finger across the video image to jump back 10 seconds.
- Thumbnails. Images appear above the timeline to make seeking easier.
- Captions. More options to customize captions.
- Navigation menu. Easier switching between accounts and added Settings.


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