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Review from John Hamerl
This app is crap! It's really embarrassing to know we just rolled into 2013, and an app this buggy is still somehow available in the Play store. I bought a title for $17.99, which in the first place is completely unreasonable. It double billed me, and didn't even play through the whole movie. To add insult to injury, I woke up this morning to the file completely missing from my queue! If it wants more of my money, I say the hell with that! *very angry face* >:|


What's New
- Precise seeking. To rewind or fast-forward a few seconds, drag your finger across the video image. Drag and hold at the edge of the screen to continue seeking.
- 10 second rewind. Swipe your finger across the video image to jump back 10 seconds.
- Thumbnails. Images appear above the timeline to make seeking easier.
- Captions. More options to customize captions.
- Navigation menu. Easier switching between accounts and added Settings.


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