Real-Time GPS Tracker 2

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Would you like to share your location with your family, or do you search an application for your company where your location can show their current location? This app might be what you have searched for.

New: Try our web service. Provides only a fraction of the app features, but works right in the browser (no installation needed, works also with iPhone):

Important for battery saving: By default this app is configured for high frequency tracking and high accuracy, which needs quite much battery. If you would like to save battery it's strongly recommended to run the battery wizard. For extreme power saving, use the remote control to run the tracker on-demand only.

Examples this GPS Tracker can be used for:

• Show your outdoor trip live to your family. Your location is published in real-time while you are running, hiking, biking, paragliding, or just traveling by train or car.

• See the current location of your family members. Ask them to install this GPS Tracker and you can track each other in real-time.

• See the current location and the tracks of your employees.

• Geo-fencing: Receive automatic notifications when a tracked users enters or leaves an area specified by you (geofence).

• Embed your map into your website or blog.

• Track and Trace: Provide a live tracking service for your customers. Useful for leaflet and other companies (pizza delivery, etc).

• Educational: Students use this tracker to track their weather balloons.

Other features:

• Supports Googe Maps and OSM
• New base map: Google Terrain
• Offline maps
• Multi map mode. Add more than one map on the same screen. Perfect for auto-following more than one user at the same time.
• Send messages to the users added to your app or to the viewers on the website.
• Auto-read incoming messages

Other supported features:

• Details like speed, elevation, battery level, etc. Just click the icons on the map.
• Google Maps and OpenStreetMap (Online and Offline maps).
• Map integration into your private homepage.
• Supports autostart.
• Supports remote start via text message (SMS) or just via the web portal . Great for battery saving.
• Supports various remote commands you can send via web portal.
• Supports up to two KML layers.
• Supports control via location aware apps (as for example Llama or Tasker)
• Ad-free version possible. Choose "1-year ad-free" in the menu.

Because of those many features this GPS Tracker requires several permissions. If you would like to know
why it needs these permissions please read the Greenalp Privacy Statement:

You are not allowed to use this GPS Tracker for illegal activities. Don't track people without their agreement! If the tracker is running it will always show an icon in the status bar. Please don't send requests to hide the icon. The icon will stay visible for security reasons.

In case of problems please send an email to Greenalp Support or use the forum.
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17. jul. 2022

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3,71 tis. mnenj
Igi Div
21. september 2020
Aplikacija super..le obcasno zaspi kljub nastavitvam da naj bo ves cas aktivna..ustavi in zacni pa spet normalno deluje..uporabljam za sledenje toplozracnega balona..zelo pomaga tako ekipi kot pilotu..super
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Googlov uporabnik
15. januar 2018
Zelo dobra in praktična aplikacija.
Se vam je zdelo to uporabno?
Googlov uporabnik
28. september 2016
V 4. dneh je porabil 4Mb prenosa?!? Osveževanje izklopljeno. Očitno počne še nekaj v ozadju, kar mi ni všeč. Pa tudi dosti preveč baterije porabi samo za delo v ozadju
Se vam je zdelo to uporabno?
2. oktober 2016
Hi, Thank you for your feedback, but actually 4MB in 4days is a good value. It depends how often you update your location. Some data is also downloaded automatically from Google Maps (otherwise you would not see any map).

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Support Android 13.