Girl Scout Cookie Finder
Review from Carol Villegas
Helpful app This app showed the search results based on my current location very quickly and had accurate information. Possibly other users who are having trouble might not be getting a good signal so the gps can't locate them. Only bad part of the app is that the front screen is cut off after the 2nd button so I have to choose from the upper right-hand menu to search for cookies.


What's New
Improved cookie finding algorithm
Updated cookie listing including the two new cookies for 2013-2014
Countdown clock for pending sale season start
Share photos and cookies to social media accounts
Ability to check-in at booth sales via Foursquare and Facebook
Ability to bookmark selected cookie booth sales (and add to calendar)
See all Girl Scout Cookie FAQs
Request info from local councils
Added links to Instagram
Revised 5 Skills pages
Get info on joining or volunteering for Girl Scouts