GrooVe IP - Free Calls + Text
Review from Vincent Bivona
Now Working with 4.1.2 Definitely a great app. But, with the most recent Jellybean update for my Note 10.1 (4.1.2) it no longer functions. Tablet freezes. Standard voice input (dictation) stops working after the first call. Tried settings suggested by the author; re-installed but still doesn't work. UPDATE: The latest release is now working


What's New
If you are having trouble with an update please try a clean install. Uninstall the app, restart the device, then download and install the app again.
Version 1.4.8:
- Support x86 devices
Version 1.4.7:
- Fix proximity sensor on the Nexus 5
Version 1.4.6:
- Bug Fixes
- New troubleshooting setting to toggle speakerphone on/off when a call connects


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