Gyft - Mobile Gift Card Wallet
Review from Johnny Sausedo
Thanks, but no thanks?!? This app links to my facebook and google account. It should be able to determine that I'm male. It gave me 2 gift cards to sites for women. $10 to Shoptiques & $10 to Posh Mommy. WTF?!? Is there a way I can trade these in for something I could actually use like Footlocker, Gap, ToysRus, or even CVS?!?


What's New
Various bug fixes
Smoother animations
Fixed bug where purchased card does not show up in wallet immediately
improved performance
Various bug fixes
Fixed bug with logging transactions
Fixed other stability issues
Fixed other minor bugs
Fixed black screen issue
Fixed force close issues
misc bug fixes
Fixed issue causing devices using ART runtime to crash
Fixed incompatibility with pre ICS devices
Balance checking improvements
Some stability fixes