Harvest Town

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Harvest Town is a simulation mobile game with pixel style, it has high freedom, and gather various RPG elements to create a real and interesting country life.


【Build farmhouse】Clear weeds, clip tree branch, decorate your own cottage
【Ultra-high freedom】 In addition to raise chickens, ducks, cattle, sheep and horse or anything else, you also can adopt cute cats and dogs ,make you experience a more realistic farm life.
【Free Exploration】 A variety of fresh gameplay: mysterious cave adventure, unlock the treasure box with password and a variety of Easter eggs which has yet to explored.
【Abundant story】Every NPC with prominent personality will give you an unforgettable,fantastic drama of experience, select an attractive heterosexual NPC, and pull together th walk into marriage hall.
【Interactive function】 Multiplayer online racing, market trade, create a real online player interaction platform
【Four seasons change】 Hot summer , Cold winter, Make four seasons decorate your small town;
【Field Collection】 There are unexpected surprises everywhere,such as DIY, build your own individual town.

Harvest Town is not just a simulation game, we endowed more elements into the game, such as RPG, Puzzle, Interaction!
Harvest town is gray before meeting you , please use your hands to color the town now!

Contact us If you have any suggestion and issue,you may contact us.
Emai l:ht@httwin.com
FB: Harvest Town
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28 November 2019
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