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Acerca de este juego

¿Will you survive? Roll-Z is a Solo Survival Time Challenge, in Print and Play format, but with colorfull high definition PDF files, and that’s not all! You will need the Oficial Game Aplication that not only complements game immersion, witch chilling original music, sounds and graphics, it also enhance the gameplay WITH RANDOM ENCOUNTERS making it a REAL TIME CHALLENGE.

NOW YOU CAN BUY THE PNP And print your own copy at home or if you missed the coop expansion, get it now!:

Follow the Kickstarter Campaign to get your PNP copy!
21 ago 2021

Seguridad de los datos

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A lot of bugfixes
- ProjectZ Nemesis not restarting
- ProjectZ increasing dificulty on each play
- Score saving not working correctly

New Features
* Control Panel!!! Thanks to several comments and players review we introduce a new feature on the app.
Now you can control the barricade and the zombies on the app, reducing drástically your AP and making the hard mode more accesible and under control.