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Review from Tom Betz
Jan 30 2013 update fixed my Droid's troubles... ... and uninstall/reinstall of the Jan 30 update fixed my CM9 Touchpad's problem. Hootsuite is once again the most reliable and serviceable Twitter app on either of my Android devices. Either they haven't updated to Twitter's new v1.1 API, or they've managed to avoid the killer pitfalls every other twitter app not owned by Twitter has fallen into the last few weeks.
HootSuite January 30, 2013
Update: Another user with a similar error as you has fixed the issue with a reinstall. Clearing the cache did not help? Could you try a reinstall. Do you have CM on all your devices? It runs fine on all of our devices although they are all on Stock OS. It should be opening to a blue-ish color, not black.


What's New
If you experience any issues or want to give us feedback, tweet to us @HootSuite_Help. We're happy to help!
- Links shared to Facebook and LinkedIn will now be displayed with thumbnails when posted
- You can now sign in with Twitter, Facebook, and Google+
- Minor bug fixes
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